Refugee Resettlement Watch Roundup
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Ann Corcoran's excellent Refugee Resettlement Watch has a roundup of recent posts:
RRW Weekly round-up for week ending February 6th

Haven’t rounded up for two weeks—away last weekend!

So, I didn’t get to tell you yet that for January 2015 we reached another milestone—best month ever in terms of the number of readers arriving here.

Here are the top most-read posts for this week (top daily posts are in right hand side bar):

1) Australia grapples with Bacha Bazi compulsive predators

2) Seattle Somalis protest against a refugee agency over Mohammed cartoon

3) France: EU shaken by rise of Le Pen in polls

More, including guide for new readers

More recently, there's this:Uruguay wants only women and children Syrian refugees; men are too violent.

No one in the American Refugee Industrial Complex ever thinks of that.

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