Refugee Crash Course on Living in America
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Check out the intensive instruction new refugees get about American law and culture — a briefo chat over coffee and doughnuts.

It shows how little assimilation is valued among the multicultural immigration fanciers. The resettlement workers go through the motions, teaching need-to-know items that will keep Achmed out of the slammer.

You can't smoke in most places. Bribes are a no-no. Car seats and kids' bicycle helmets are the law.

And beating your wife will land you in jail — not to mention get you deported.

These are among the new rules and customs the world's refugees face in California [...]

"In many cultures, it's OK to beat your wife," said Debbie Decker, resources director for the Interfaith Refugee and Immigration Service in Atwater Village. "That is not OK here; it is illegal. You will go to jail, and you will be deported. [...]

"We have to tell them the policeman is not a bad guy. Unlike in your country, they're not out to get you," she said. "If you're pulled over, don't try to bribe your way out of it like you do in most countries. [For refugees, rules to live by, Los Angeles Daily News, March 8 2008]

Washington is welcoming thousands of similarly diverse peoples to communities around the country!

It's easy money for the interfaith settlement workers of the Episcopal, Lutheran and assorted other church groups.

Of course, refugee importation is an activity mandated by the State Department and President, and if this bunch didn't get paid to provide a Cliff-Notes guide to the USA, then someone else would.

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