RedState's Erickson right about Representative Eric Cantor
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I probably don't read enough of RedState's Eric Erickson, who as far as I know was unique amongst allegedly "Conservative" webzines in calling with for an Elena Kagan filibuster.

On Tuesday Erickson proved again that his site is not National Review by publishing Eric Cantor's Failure of Leadership, saying:

On Friday, 92 Republicans, including House Majority Leader Eric Cantor and House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy, joined all of the Democrats to defeat an amendment offered up by Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn to ensure the GOP lived up to its "$100 billion in cuts" pledge.
This was a failure of leadership, particularly by Eric Cantor.

Erickson brushes aside a whining email from Cantor's Press Secretary by stressing the absolutely key point that Republicans cannot automatically be presumed to be conservative. And he devastates Cantor's reputation by recalling

..both in 2005 and 2007, Eric Cantor co-sponsored 3 similar Blackburn bills each session of Congress to make across board cuts of 1%, 2%, and 5%...
It is increasingly clear there are 147 conservatives in the House of Representatives, make it 148 depending on which way the polling blows Eric Cantor - the leader of House Republicans who sided with all 189 Democrats to defeat a measure he has three previous times co-sponsored.

In's opinion, Cantor is a serious threat. As the Republican's only Jewish Congressman he benefits from stupid pampering from the foolish leadership -  some reports say he was under consideration for the Vice Presidential slot in 2008.

The problem - as I discussed in Is Eric Cantor (R-VA) any good?  - is that Cantor cannot be trusted on key issues: Eric Erickson is quite right. On Immigration, Cantor's B NumbersUSA ranking, the lowest of all the Virginia Republicans evaluated, is cosmetic. In essence, he appears to favor nation-breaking immigration levels provided laws are observed. On their acid test "Challenge Status Quo" ranking he gets a D+. His record has actually deteriorated over time.

So I guess it was safe to make him Majority Leader. predicts Eric Cantor will now emerge as a major obstacle to Patriotic Immigration Reform.

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