Reconquista School can run but (thanks to internet) not hide
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Academia Semillas del Pueblo, the Reconquista California charter school I exposed recently, has a new website...they removed all of the photos and replaced them instead with news clippings, denials of racism and pity-pool drivel. (HERE)

According to the site, this is why they changed the appearance:

Due to the unsanctioned use of the images of our students, our previous web site has been temporarily taken down in order to ensure the students’ safety and to prevent further misuse. We hope you enjoy our new web site. Please contact us if you have any questions.

I definitely used their photos in my recent column but not to show the kids (although they always seemed to be wearing Aztec costumes—like a school uniform or something)...I wanted everyone to see the huge Mexican and Cuban flags these people fly around campus.

Here they still are, in my column, just scroll down a bit. (Thank you James Fulford for posting them instead of just linking!!)

Hmm...the school also seems to have replaced the Mechista racist, pony-tailed principal, Marcos Aguilar. (photo here)

The new principal is a woman named Minnie Ferguson...can't find anything on her yet.

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