Reconquista founding father: Jeb, Arnold, or Mel?
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Consider three family names that are somewhat tarnished at present: Bush, Schwarzenegger, and Gibson. Yet, they all have a chance to return to fame and power in the next generation due to the ongoing changes in the electorate. We live in an age in which surnames serve as brand names in politics, and that will likely only increase as the voters become less sophisticated due to demographic trends.

It's widely assumed by the press that the onrushing tsunami of Latino voters that will slam home real soon now will lead to a Hispanic Obama, but that simplistic logic overlooks the widespread lack of charisma found among Mexican-Americans. Just as the first African-American President is of unusual background, so might be the first Mexican-American President.

Thus, there exists the odd but not implausible chance that a glamorous non-Hispanic will father a Latino political dynasty. As I may have mentioned over the years, the Bush dynasty looks to Jeb Bush's handsome half-Mexican son George P. Bush as the most likely member of the next generation to return the Bush name to the White House in a demographically altered America. As a commenter suggested, this week's confirmation that former Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger really likes chicas suggests a potential competitor for the Bushes in a Hispanicized America. Arnold is rich enough and will soon be single enough to remarry and produce a brood of half-Latino legitimate heirs to someday battle the Bushes. And then there's the dark horse: Mel Gibson, whose The Passion of the Christ and Apocalypto are the most aesthetically impressive responses yet to the Hispanicization of America. Granted, his personal tastes seem to run toward Slavic adventuresses, but he is also rich enough and single enough to find a nice Mexican girl and have a half dozen kids who might challenge the Bush and Schwarzenegger Latino dynasties in a Mexicanized America.

You read it here first.

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