Real Rape On Campus—Who's Committing It
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Heather Mac Donald wries in her piece on the "Campus Rape Industry" that

Equally damning was a 2000 campus rape study conducted under the aegis of the Department of Justice. Sixty-five percent of what the feminist researchers called “completed rape” victims and three-quarters of “attempted rape” victims said that they did not think that their experiences were “serious enough to report.” The “victims” in the study, moreover, “generally did not state that their victimization resulted in physical or emotional injuries,” report the researchers.

What she's talking about is campus feminists who have lowered the bar for rape accusations to the point that rape includes such things as saying "I'll respect you in the morning," and then not respecting her in the morning, and "verbal and emotional pressure." which can include begging. But there are are real rapes on campuses

Just as a reality check, consider an actual student-related rape: in 2006, Labrente Robinson and Jacoby Robinson broke into the Philadelphia home of a Temple University student and a Temple graduate, and anally, vaginally, and orally penetrated the women, including with a gun. The chance that the victims would not consider this event “serious enough to report,” or physically and emotionally injurious, is exactly nil. In short, believing in the campus rape epidemic depends on ignoring women’s own interpretations of their experiences—supposedly the most grievous sin in the feminist political code.

That kind of thing can happen at a university like Temple (Bill Cosby's alma mater) that has the bad luck to be located near the Philadelphia inner city. Neither Heather Mac Donald nor any of the news stories I could find on Labrente and Jacoby Robinson had any reference to what color they or their victims might be, (the attackers are almost certainly African-American—there are few preppie lacrosse players named Labrente living in Delaware, Maryland) but you'll be happy to know that they've been sent to jail for a long time.

I did report a similar case at the University Of San Diego [San Diego Gang-Rape Case Coverage Colorless—Except When "Racism" Is In Question.] in which three men burst into the home of some college students and raped them. The reason their race (African-American) was mentioned was that the Judge was concerned about probable racist jurors:

Judge John Einhorn addressed the juror pool, saying that race is an issue because the defendants are black and the victims are white. The judge has been asking jurors if that would affect their ability to be fair and impartial in the case--can they concentrate on the evidence, not skin color. [Judge: Race An Issue In Mission Beach Rape Case,, January 24, 2008]

It seems that feminists, watching out for white male patriarchal jocks who might rape them, are always aiming at the wrong target.

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