Real Indian Vs. Fake Indian—It’s Funny, But Do We Really Need "Real Indians" At All?
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One of the more amusing stories you’ll see today recounts the legal fight between independent U.S. Senate candidate Shiva Ayyadurai and Cambridge, Mass., which ordered him to remove an anti-Elizabeth Warren sign.

Ayyadurai’s offense? Telling the truth about Fauxcahontas in a poetic way: “Only The Real Indian,” the sign says, “Can Defeat the Fake Indian.” The sign also features pictures of the Real Indian and Warren wearing a headdress.

Amusing as this is, a question: Why are we allowing foreigners to move here and run for office.

I’m happy to see such individuals succeed. But I don’t want them, or their children, in public office.

The only “real Indians” who deserve a shot at public office are the kind who built teepees, hunted buffalo and fought the 7th Cavalry.

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