Real Clear Politics Reposts Weekly Standard's Gang Bill = `86 Amnesty Fiasco Essay
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Imm office

Houston Immigration office - H/T Weekly Standard

In an unusual development, Real Clear Politics this afternoon reposted under the (I hope accurate) headline Specter of ’86 Haunts Immigration Debate the powerful Weekly Standard essay by Fred Barnes The Amnesty Next Time which carries the date May 20, 2013.

As I noted in my discussion on Saturday WEEKLY STANDARD (!!!): Gang Bill Too Much Like '86 Amnesty Fiasco the posting that morning was quickly pulled. A rah-rah immigration cheerleader by Larry Kudlow was substituted.

Real Clear Politics seems to have a thing about balance, which obviously we vigorously applaud. Probably they reached so far back today because anti-Gang Bill statements in the MSM remain almost completely repressed

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