Reagan's Birth Certificate
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I thought I'd post this in honor of Reagan's hundredth birthday. I don't believe that the current President was born in Kenya, but there seems to be something he doesn't want people to see on his birth certificate.

Reagan's says that his father was a merchant, his mother was a "housewife," (remember those?) and that the race of both was white, because that information used to be included in all birth certificates.

It's hard to realize how far back Reagan goes—when he went to the Neshoba County Fair in 1980, local Mississippians presented him with a horse carriage—the kind of surrey mentioned in Oklahoma!, Reagan, a youthful 69, said at the end of his speech

"Now I know I have to conclude, and you've been very patient, but before the press says it, I just want to say one thing about that surrey over there. I can remember when I rode one of those for real."


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