RADIO DERB: With One Bound He Was Free
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Radio Derb at 45m53s, after quoting Discover magazine's description of the spiny lumpsucker as a poor swimmer:
I confess I know far too little about marine biology, but how does a fish get away with being a poor swimmer? I mean, it's a fish, isn't it? Are there birds that are poor fliers?
Approximately 100,000 listener emails:
Uh, Derb ....  Thanksgiving bring anything to mind?  Like, birds ....?
Yeah, yeah, everybody's a critic.  Sometimes the mouth gets ahead of the brain, what can I tell ya?

And look here (you think I can't wriggle out of this one?  ha!):  If you exclude domesticated fowl, I'm not sure there are any birds you could describe as poor fliers.

There are flightless birds, to be sure, but that's not poor flying, that's not flying.  Flightless birds anyway go extinct fast when a predator shows up.  Think of the poor dodo.

Ostriches?  Domesticated.

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