Radio Derb Up For May 19: Refugee Numbers, The Welcome Corps, Our Anti-White Military And Feinstein At 89, Etc.
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The Radio Derb transcript is up for May 19, 2023. Go here to read or listen.

01:39  Remembering a great blog.  (Where did Ann Corcoran go?)

07:03  Refugee numbers: a paradox.  (System overload.)

16:52  The Welcome Corps.  (A new dimension to chain migration.)

22:49  Our antiwhite military.  (Air Force the worst.)

28:54  Narrative reinforcement fails.  (People are catching on.)

37:00 Adams and the burbs.  (Scofflaws not wanted in Long Island.)

38:50  Senator Feinstein at 89.  (It works for the Deep State.)

40:04  Baltimore sues car makers.  (Too easy to steal.)

40:44  Corruption in Ukraine!  (You could ask Hunter.)

41:57  China and Russia: a new book.  (Coincidence, I swear.)

43:17  Signoff.  (With Mozart.)

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