Radio Derb Transcript Up For Nov 30: Trump Disappointment Syndrome, James Fields, Feeling Like Krapp, Etc.
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The Radio Derb transcript is up for November 30, go here to read or listen.

01m28s  I feel like Krapp.  (Postmodernist self-reference.)

08m05s  Trump Disappointment Syndrome.  (Throw down some gauntlets!)

12m08s  Criminalizing politics: the opportunity cost.  (The political air is full of flak.)

17m46s  It's not just immigration.  (Endless dumb wars, crumbling infrastructure.)

24m51s  Cashless societies.  (A really bad idea.)

26m14s  James Fields goes on trial.  (He faces double jeopardy.)

28m48s  Gaming Britain's asylum system.  (It's even stupider than ours.)

30m48s  Thought Police as house guests.  (Watching the Uighurs.)

32m26s  Trial Lawyers target Neil deGrasse Tyson.  (Now I like the guy.)

35m34s  Stephen Hillenburg RIP.  (Condolences from Squidward.)

35m53s  Signoff.  (Standing on the corner.)

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