Radio Derb Transcript Up For May 25: AmRen Conference, Damp Squib Presidency, Theresexit, European Elections, And No-Verify, Etc.
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The Radio Derb transcript is up for May 25. Go here to read or listen.

06m43s  The 2019 AmRen conference.  (Youth, uplift, and gratitude.)

10m49s  The damp squib Presidency.  (Wagging a finger at Mexico.)

15m26s  May is out.  (The flower, the month, the Prime Minister.)

20m27s  Europe's elections.  (Don't expect miracles.)

25m06s  As hath been in times past.  (Political stasis.)

33m40s  E-Verify's too tough. (In a world of some practicality.)

35m19s  Walking back on Mrs May.  (I'm too chivalrous.)

36m34s  I am a hateful hater.  (And baa-aa-ad.)

38m45s  Signoff.  (Everybody's talkin'.)

Radio Derb is also available on YouTube, for those who like that flavor:

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