Radio Derb Transcript Up For May 19—Stories From The Indian Subcontinent, Etc.
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The Radio Derb transcript for May 19 is up—go here to read or listen. Sample:
Following up on last week's segment on India, I've been paying attention to news stories from that subcontinent. I must say, they have some really eye-catching crime stories.

Here's an exceptionally gruesome one from last week. I'll just give you the headline. It's long, but you need it all for the full effect. Headline: Jilted boyfriend gang-rapes ex-girlfriend with six other men then drives a car over her head to stop her being identified before leaving her for dogs to eat in India. Now that's a headline you can savor.

I hasten to add, before Indian readers fire off angry emails to me, that I draw no conclusions at all about the national character from that. There are monstrous crimes committed in any country. Matter of fact, Britain last week said goodbye to Ian Brady, who died aged 79 after fifty-one years in jail. Brady and his girlfriend had kidnapped little children and tortured them to death for the fun of it. Evil has no national home.

Probably that Indian headline reflects more on a national taste for lurid journalism than a plague of homicidal jilted boyfriends. And since the Indians had no national newspapers before the British took over, I suppose you could blame that taste on the Raj.

Where did I spot that story? In the London Daily Mail.

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