Radio Derb Transcript Up For March 6: Super Joesday, Media Innumeracy, Our Lawless Society And A New Camp Of The Saints, Etc.
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The Radio Derb transcript is up for March 6. Go here to read or listen.


00m56s  Super Tuesday, befores and afters.  (Perez makes some calls.)

09m49s  Media innumeracy.  (Journos can't count.)

13m29s  Trump is toast.  (Correlation of forces.)

22m01s  Our lawless society.  (Who-whom law enforcement.)

29m33s  The best place to be a defendant.  (Once it was Limerick.)

32m26s  Virus news.  (New Yorkers don't care.)

34m14s  A new Camp of the Saints.  (Will Europe grow a spine?)

36m47s  Jeering at Jeff.  (Trump's mean side.)

38m54s  Freeman Dyson RIP.  (Generous with his pictures.)

40m37s  Physics news.  (Say it with care.)

41m22s  Signoff.  (For Basil.)


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