Radio Derb Transcript Up For July 3: Pandemic Report, The Caucasity Of Hope, War On Policing, And Betting On Trump, Etc.
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The Radio Derb transcript is up for July 3. Go here to read or listen.


05m10s  Pandemic report.  (Fatalism, insouciance, and the 2nd Amendment.)

10m35s  Herman Cain gets the virus.  (I was impressed and charmed.)

12m24s  The caucasity of hope.  (One of theirs gets stomped.)

17m37s  The war on policing.  (Cops vs. prosecutors.)

22m43s  News from Central Asia.  (The price of hair.)

27m05s  ChiCom population policy.  (Gangsters, but at least not hypocrites.)

32m15s  Betting on Trump.  (A lot of people are.)

34m24s  The curse of diversity.  (Ethiopia's and ours.)

37m40s  Signoff.  (Happy Fourth!)

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