Radio Derb Transcript Up For February 4: Xi's Olympics, Black NFL Coaches, Antiworkers Unite!, And 70 Years Of Elizabeth II, Etc.
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The Radio Derb transcript is up for February 4, 2022. Go here to read or listen.

01:10  The world-important Winter Olympics.  (Xi needs a win.)

08:04  Help for the NFL.  (Blacks underrepresented? I crunch the numbers.)

13:07  Antiworkers of the world, unite!  (Marx would have approved.)

19:57  Mascot slain.  (People with way too much time on their hands.)

24:46  Seventy years of Elizabeth II.  (Did she protest the invasion?)

30:37  News from the Metaverse.  (A possible false flag.)

32:31  Death in Alabama.  (The nicest possible way.)

35:20  Social science proves what we always knew.  (But goes against equity.)

38:46  Please, not Trump.  (He's not ruthless enough.)

40:37  Signoff.  (With "Water Lotus.")

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