Radio Derb Transcript Up For April 21: Enoch 50 Years On, Black Privilege & White Hypocrisy At Starbucks, And The Banality Of Comey, Etc.
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The Radio Derb Transcript is up—go here to read or listen. (If you're subscribed on iTunes, the technical people say it will start working again soon.)


03m44s—Patriot's Day. (I have issues.)

06m49s—Enoch Powell's speech. (Fifty years on.)

15m16s—The banality of Comey. (Gotta be a better way.)

20m27s—Black privilege, white hypocrisy. (Starbucks grovels.)

27m11s—Opportunity cost. (How naive we were.)

28m38s—Richard Lynn dishonored. (Doesn't any university president

have a spine?)

31m42s—Department of Homeland Cuckery. (H-2B visas for all!)

34m23s—Taking Nelson off his column. (Will Brits really do it?)

37m07s—What the Outer Hebrides needs is... (Ramadan in the Minches.)

38m56s—Venus for Mars. (Turning the Red Planet blue.)

40m18s—Names for Charon. (No white guys should apply.)

43m34s—Signoff. (Only a hopeless fancy.)

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