Radio Derb Transcript Up For April 12: House Harasssment, Trump Disappointment, Sanctuary Hypocrisy, And Reparations Madness, Etc.
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The Radio Derb transcript is up for April 12. Go here to read or listen.


02m10s  House committee hears about white nationalism.  (A vocabulary of vituperation.)

11m32s  Trump Disappointment Syndrome, cont.  (All hat, no cattle.)

17m00s  Sanctuary hypocrisy.  (Mrs Pelosi takes the palm.)

21m38s  Reparations madness.  (Who gets it?)

26m16s  Another mega-funeral.  (Black the predominating color again.)

28m31s  Dump your suit.  (Need new synecdoche.)

32m04s  We are speciose.  (Yet another new lineage.)

35m05s  Jeff Hart, RIP.  (Goodnight to an old colleague.)

37m00s  Signoff.  (With the deli song.)

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