Radio Derb Transcript For May 26 Up: Rapping For Credit At Harvard, Etc.
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The Radio Derb transcript for May 25 is up—go here to read or listen. Sample:

A Harvard student of English, name of Obasi Shaw, has submitted a rap album as his senior thesis. The rap songs are about — can you guess? — "the African American experience."

That brings to mind Michelle Obama's thesis at Princeton, the title of which, if I recall correctly, was "Blackety Blackety Black Black Black Blackety-Black."

Perhaps Mr Shaw will rise as high in the world as Mrs Obama has. Certainly there will be no shortage of opportunities for him should he pursue an academic career. There's currently a vacancy just opened up at Duke Divinity School, for example. I'm sure they'd welcome him with open arms, should he care to apply.

As a footnote to that, by the way, many many listeners emailed in to ask me to say something about the black female mathematician who wants all white men of normal sexuality to leave the profession.

I shall do so in my upcoming monthly diary at the end of May.


01m09s — Absimilation strikes again. (And plenty more where they came from.)

06m43s — Manchester has no guardian. (The blood-dimmed tide is loosed.)

13m37s — Less metaphysics, more politics, Mr President. (There is no such thing as evil.)

19m57s — The word-struggle at Duke Divinity. (Disrespecting the Diversity hucksters.)

33m04s — Anti-racism, our new religion. (With women leading the choir.)

39m24s — Thrashing for dollars. (Richard Spencer wields so much power!)

46m24s — Rapping for a degree. (Blackety blackety black black black blackety-black.)

47m45s — Japan needs immigrants! (Emperors rotting on the throne.)

50m39s — Didgeridoos and -don'ts. (In the end, it's cultural appropriation.)

54m20s — Signoff. (Farewell to a noble knight.)

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