Radio Derb Transcript For June 19: Revolution From Above, Practicing Disappointment, GWTW, And Punishing Cops’ Relatives, Etc.
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The Radio Derb transcript is up for June 19. Go here to read or listen.


03m01s  Why not "Daz"?  (And why "Chop"?)

09m24s  Not a dinner party.  (You are The Man.)

15m43s  Practicing disappointment.  (GOP, Trump, justices; all our bubbles burst.)

23m42s  It's that movie again.  (Fiddle-de-dee.)

26m07s  Punishing dissidents' relatives.  (America's very own Article 58.)

30m48s  Renaming our capital city?  (The future comes apace.)

32m00s  Signoff.  (With Dame Vera.)

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