Radio Derb Transcript For January 14 Up—Graphic Evidence On Obama, Etc.
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The Radio Derb  Transcript is up, go here to read or listen. Sample:

If you like graphs, there are some cool ones over at the Pew Research Center website.

Pew is a polling company, like Gallup. This week they put up a long post titled How America Changed During Barack Obama's Presidency. The post records changes in public attitudes about various things, as revealed by polling, across the past eight years.

Obviously I can't do graphs well on a podcast, but I urge you to check out the page for yourselves at

For example, there's a good graph showing how we've gotten more partisan over the past eleven presidencies, from Eisenhower to Obama.

The graph shows, for each president, approval ratings across his term among his own party supporters, and approval ratings among the other party's supporters. You can see the gap widening before your eyes.

Another graph shows the increase, across the Obama presidency, of Americans identifying with, quote, "current religion as atheist, agnostic, or nothing in particular," end quote. Overall the percentage has risen from 16 to 23. Among millennials it's gone from 25 to 35 percent.

I predicted that change, and explained the reasons for it, in my 2009 book We Are Doomed. Why don't you listen?

An even more depressing result from the Pew polls, this one a table not a graph, shows that a majority of Americans think diversity makes the country a better place.

More liberals than conservatives believe this, of course; but even among conservatives the percentage of believers is 47.

What was the name of my book again? Oh, right: We Are Doomed.

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