Radio Derb Transcript For April 5 Up: No More "Bipartisan" Immigration Politics, Kirstjen Nielsen Doing Nothing, Rev'm Al Sharpton, And Thoroughly Racist Millie, Etc.
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The Radio Derb transcript for April 5 is up. Go here to read or listen.


01m58s  What divides the two big parties? (Begins with "Imm-," ends with "-tion.")

08m22s  Secretary Nielsen says it's "on the table."  (And there it stays.)

12m02s  Rev'm Al's alchemy.  (Jiu-jitsuing capitalism.)

15m48s  The Rabbi's funeral.  (Shall the religious inherit the Earth?)

20m36s  An Australian hero.  (Strength to your arm, Senator!)

29m36s  Has Great Courses gone woke?  (One of the last surviving refuges.)

31m52s  Thoroughly racist Millie.  (Controversy close to home.)

33m54s  Something something Mar-a-Lago.  (I only noticed the synecdoche.)

36m48s  Signoff.  (With Julie Andrews.)

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