Radio Derb's New Year Broadcast: "Better Dead Than Rude"
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Radio Derb is on the air with our first broadcast of 2013. [MP3] From which:

I once coined the phrase "Better dead than rude" to describe that pathological extreme of political correctness where a person would rather let himself be killed than say or do anything that might give offense to some person of a protected class ? black, Muslim, female, homosexual, etc.

Well, here's a story that fits neatly under that heading.  Cops in Gloucester Township, New Jersey, arrested a 39-year-old man named Eddie Jones III and brought him into the station house for processing.  A routine part of the processing involves briefly removing the suspect's handcuffs.  At this point Mr Jones was in care of Ruth Burns, a slightly-built female cop.  Jones overpowered her and took her gun.  She shouted for help, two officers ran in, and Jones shot them both though fortunately not fatally.  Both cops returned fire, and Eddie Jones III is now at room temperature. Officer Burns took a wound too, though it's not clear whose gun caused it.

There are no pictures of Eddie Jones III in the news stories, but we are told he had a previous conviction for resisting arrest, so it's fair to assume he was large and fit.  You might think that to leave a man like that, with a criminal record, in care of a young female officer, would be a pretty stupid thing to do.  If you did think that, you'd be wise to keep your opinion to yourself.  Better dead than rude.

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