RADIO DERB ON THE AIR! (Podcast, 9+ Items)
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01m03s — Two cheers for Trump’s immigration proposal. (Applause and some quibbles.)

14m53s — Trump proposes, Congress and the judiciary dispose. (Will it see the light of legislation?)

24m24s — Immigration politics: a golden rule. (With supporting examples.)

29m40s — This year’s geniuses. (Parasites, poseurs, and some real talent.)

39m30s — The latest moral panic. (What price showbiz success?)

49m26s — Jerry Brown goes light on AIDS. (While STD rates soar.)

51m38s — The new math. (It’s about social justice.)

53m29s — Belt-tightening in Turkmenistan. (No more free power.)

55m01s — Signoff. (With genius music.)

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