Radio Derb On The Air: Keep Despair Alive!, Etc.
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Keep despair alive!.     I've been getting some criticism from the Radio Derb listener base. Hard to believe, I know, but fact none the less.

What these whiny losers are bellyaching about …

DoomedI beg your pardon, I'll start again. What these thoughtful listeners are taking objection to is, that Radio Derb has become too upbeat. They were originally drawn to my output, they say, on account of my pessimism, as distilled in my world-shattering 2009 classic We Are Doomed. Now, they complain, since the election of Mr Trump, I'm going all Pollyanna on them. So are we not doomed, after all?

Well, there is much to be glad about in last week's election result, and I shall not hide my gladness. As I pointed out elsewhere on, one of the joys of pessimism is that for a pessimist, pleasant surprises are so much more pleasantly surprising.

I would urge listeners to heed the words of Sir Winston Churchill on V-E Day, quote: "We may allow ourselves a brief period of rejoicing." That said, and as Sir Winston certainly knew, History's chess tournament never ends. After a game is won, another game starts immediately.

So once the present glow has faded, turn that smile into bile, toss that grin in the bin, and keep your peckers down. Dum spiramus, desperamus: Where there's life, there's despair.....

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