Radio Derb On The Air: Faber, Email, Cyberwar, Austria, Etc.
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Radio Derb is on the air—go here to listen,  here to download the MP3.


01m05s — Gloom, Boom, Doom, and Elderly Tourette’s. (Swiss, lives in Asia.)

10m54s — From the email bag. (Responding to listeners.)

24m22s — Study Nineteen Big. (If you can stay awake.)

31m19s — The cyberwar threat. (It’s asymmetric.)

39m09s — Nationalism advances in Europe. (Austria votes for borders.)

45m47s — Twitterphobes unite! (A new recruit.)

47m39s — Anarcho-tyranny in Derbyshire. (The bobbies take action.)

49m26s — I am an Armageddon denier. (Bugwise.)

51m49s — Failure of Christmas spirit. (In October.)

52m41s — Signoff. (Overalls in the chowder.)

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