Radio Derb On Air! Massacre In Las Vegas; Obama-Holder-Lynch Effect In NY; Catalonia, Etc.
October 07, 2017, 07:54 AM
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01m03s — Massacre in Las Vegas. (Murder, malice, and metaphysics.)

14m44s — The Obama-Holder-Lynch effect in New York. (Cops practice career preservation.)

19m29s — Dumping Puerto Rico. (Yes we can!)

26m47s — Separation and its discontents. (Smart Fraction Theory, a reminder.)

33m06s — Homage to Catatonia. (It sure was sleepy.)

45m15s — Fifteen years jail for viewing “far-right propaganda.” (British conservatism today.)

47m45s — One more thing to worry about. (But only if you’re Swiss.)

49m43s — Strange sympathies. (1916 and 1917.)

51m49s — Bloomers at auction. (How Victoria’s Secret got started?)

53m14s — Tribute to a great scientist. (And a fine book.)

54m35s — Signoff. (Wack fa-lal-di-ra.)