RADIO DERB IS ON THE AIR! Three Black Riots And The Clintocalypse, Etc. (11+ ITEMS)
August 20, 2016, 08:22 AM
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02m27s — The Clintocalypse. (This election is critical.)

11m54s — Should Trump release his tax returns? (No!)

17m10s — The fruits of Midwestern Nice. (On display in Milwaukee.)

23m39s — Why we can’t have nice things any more. (Not even in Iowa.)

27m45s — What causes riots? (Hypotheses fingo.)

33m10s — By the light of the Moomba. (Diversity Down Under.)

40m12s — The end of sex? (And the hermaphrodite Olympics.)

47m14s — Rowdy Yates’ America. (Clint for Culture Secretary!)

48m47s — Weather report. (Help your fellow citizens.)

50m54s — When the shark bites. (He has 400 years of experience.)

52m17s — Signoff. (With a twofer.)