Radio Derb Is On The Air: The Supremes Get One Right, Etc.
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Sorry to have fallen behind with postings last week.  It was an on-the-road double-header of conferences:  first “Toward a Science of Consciousness” in Tucson (which I attended as a reporter), then the American Renaissance annual bash in Tennessee (at which I was a speaker).

Many thanks to the organizers of both events, with additional thanks to the staff at Montgomery Bell State Park in Tennessee, who were unfailingly courteous and helpful, and to the state police officers who kept the tiny and (I thought) rather listless platoon of antifa demonstrators properly corralled during the couple of hours they were present.

Radio Derb suffered from not having my technical experts and research assistants with me.  I was thrown back on my own devices.

I did manage to assemble twenty minutes of commentary on the Supreme Court decision in the Michigan referendum case.  My observations can as usual be heard as a podcast on iTunes, listenable/downloadable onscreen at Taki’s Magazine, or read as a transcript here

My commentary includes coverage of reactions from various leftist luminaries:

How is it good for a Supreme Court justice to be “personal” in a written opinion on a case before the Court?[Attorney General Eric] Holder praised Sotomayor's dissent for being “very personal.” How is it good for a Supreme Court justice to be “personal” in a written opinion on a case before the Court, let alone very “personal”? Aren't judges supposed to be im-personal? Do we really want our Supreme Court justices to be ruling based on their personal feelings or situations? Do we want an Attorney General who believes judges should so rule?

Just as predictable as these responses from the power centers of our society was the non-response from the Republican Party. All the big names in the GOP were doing their familiar imitation of roaches when the kitchen light goes on.

This illustrates yet again why the GOP so richly deserves its epithet as the Stupid Party. Affirmative Action is widely and deeply unpopular. A survey for ABC NEWS last year found that 79 percent of whites and 71 percent of nonwhites oppose consideration of race in college admissions. A political party with more than five working neurons would pick this fact up and run with it.

The full Radio Derb playbill:

  • Navel-gazing in Tucson.  (Explanation of truncated broadcast.)
  • The Supremes get one right.  (Background to the judgment.)
  • La Latina loca.  (Fifty-eight pages of victimological blather.)
  • Open and candid.  (The iron fist inside Cultural Marxism’s velvet glove.)
  • Let's gloat.  (We don’t get that many opportunities.)

It’s all there at Taki’s Magazine.

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