Radio Derb Is On The Air: The Schumer-McRubio Bill, Life Under Jim Snow, Etc
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As a podcast on iTunes, listenable/downloadable onscreen at Taki’s Magazine, or as a transcript here.

In this week’s broadcast I continue to track the fortunes of the Schumer-McRubio Bill as we wait for it to come out of the shadows and on a path to House considerationship, or not.

Meanwhile, the buzz around the Congressional coffee lounge is that House Republicans might put forward legislation to give work permits to the illegal aliens, but not citizenship.

This is a stupid idea even by Republican standards. Democrats want those illegals as voters, so they are determined to give them citizenship. Ergo, this GOP plan would never get past the Senate or the President.

Representative Paul Ryan stuck with this work-permit-but-no-citizenship plan, though, and tried his best to make it sound nice for the benefit of that large segment of the electorate who think it's cruel to enforce the law. Quote from him on Thursday, quote: "We don't want to push people into citizenship. Most people just want to have a legal status so they can work to provide for their families." End quote.

Listening to Ryan, you could see the light slowly dawning on the GOP's collective pea-sized brain that the demands on them coming from the Chambers of Commerce and software billionaires for more cheap labor can only be satisfied by giving the Democrats fifty million new voters.

How to square the circle? I know — let's allow them to work but not allow them to vote! Brilliant!

And yes, sad to say, by Republican standards it actually is brilliant.

There are also pithy (I hope, although at this point it’s getting hard to find much unextracted pith) observations on the Zimmerman verdict; a light riff for the Eng. Lit. majors on near-miss book titles (A Tale of Two Cuties, etc.); and some fascinating news items from the world of science:  finding a name for Neptune’s newfound moon, development of a pithy new power source, and the bat-baffling capabilities of hawkmoth genitalia. 

It’s all good nourishing, improving stuff.  Listen to Radio Derb and be the life and soul of your next dinner party!

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