Radio Derb is on the air—THE COLOR OF CRIME, Etc.
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Radio Derb is on the air—go here to listen, or here to download it directly:
People sometimes ask me: Why do you folk at make such an issue of nonwhite crime? Are you just trying to stir up hostility to nonwhites?

Answer: Not at all. Our position is anti-anti-white. We seek to redress the balance against the blizzard of anti-white propaganda that blows daily through the Western world, from our schools and colleges, our print and broadcast media, corporate diversity programs, politicians' speeches, and leftist rabble-rousers. We want to speak truth, facts, and data to the anti-white propaganda machine.

We have now acquired a valuable new weapon in our battle against the anti-white lies and, yes, hate. Our own Ed Rubenstein, working with Jared Taylor's New Century Foundation, has published an updated edition of their booklet The Color of Crime. It's been ten years since the last edition; Jared's friends have been nagging him to bring the data up to date. He and Ed Rubenstein have now done so.

The report has its own website, where you can read the whole thing: Google "Color of Crime 2016." You can also go to the American Renaissance website and put "Color of Crime 2016" into the search box, and read the report there. Make sure you're looking at the 2016 version: there have been at least two previous ones in the same format.

For a small donation to American Renaissance, they will also send you a well-produced 16-page printed version that you can leave lying around in airports and subway trains for people to read, if you feel subversive.

The data Ed displays has all been taken from federal and state statistics offices or peer-reviewed scholarly studies. These are ironclad facts, putting the lie to media obfuscation and politicians' cant. For the truth about race and crime in America all the way down to the "Ferguson Effect" at the end of last year, take an hour or so to peruse The Color of Crime.

Thanks to Ed and Jared for the effort they put into this. Magna est veritas et praevalebit.

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