Radio Derb Is On The Air: Ragin’ Asians, 180 years a slave, Reparations for the Brits, Etc
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As a podcast on iTunes, listenable/downloadable onscreen at Taki’s Magazine, or as a transcript here.

The Speaker of the California State Assembly, John Perez, has deep-sixed a constitutional amendment that would have restored race preferences in college admissions, banned eighteen years ago by Proposition 209.

Why did he do that?  Perez is a Democrat; the state legislature is Democrat-controlled (that’s putting it mildly); and Democrats ? Affirmative Action, don’t they?

Radio Derb:

The problem, it turns out, is the Asians.  Three Asian American state senators—Leland Yee, Ted Lieu (Vietnamese spelling), and Carol Liu (Chinese spelling) had helped vote the measure through the Senate but then been swamped with calls from fellow ethnics who understand that race preferences work against their kids and want to keep Proposition 209.

The Asian Senators told Perez he could lose Asian voters big-time if he persisted with the amendment. Since Asian Californians are thirteen percent of the state’s population, and Asian parents care about their kids getting into college roughly four hundred times more intensely than Mexican parents do, Perez took the fall.

The full Radio Derb playbill:

  • Islands in the slum. (The Caribbean?  You can keep it.)
  • 180 years a slave. (Beggars of the world.)
  • Ragin’ Asians. (Gotta keep ’em on the plantation.)
  • Governor KO’s Mayor. (Clueless in New York.)
  • A tale of three lawsuits. (The Mayor fears his city might win one.)
  • Reparations for the Brits! (It’s long past time.)
  • A ticket to Heaven. (A song you won’t find on YouTube.)

It’s all there at Taki’s Magazine.



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