Radio Derb Is On The Air: Burkirndl Is To Dirndl As Burkini Is To Bikini
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Radio Derb is on the air—go here to listen, here to download the MP3. Sample quote:
Heading back into the German language for a moment, you may know that the traditional dress in Bavaria is, for men, lederhosen short pants and suspenders, with of course an alpine hat; for oktoberfest2women, it's a dress called the dirndl, with full skirt, bare arms, and a plunging neckline., the Germans are now striving to make their culture more acceptable to the million and a half Muslims they invited in last year to share the bratwurst and butterkartoffel. So they've come up with a variant on the dirndl: wait for it … the burkirndl.

The burkirndl is in the same relation to a dirndl as a burkini is to a bikini: minimal flesh display, long sleeves, high neck, and of course a full head covering.

inmunchenstehteinhofbräuhausMuslims can now feel at home in Bavaria, wrapped up modestly in their burkirndls as they quaff beer at Oktoberfest.

Wait a minute, though; Muslims aren't allowed to drink beer, are they? And shouldn't there be some similar accommodation for Muslim men, so they won't be embarrassed about showing their bare knees? Burklederhosen?

Multiculturalism sure isn't easy. It's important to keep trying, though!

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