Radio Derb Is On The Air: "Boring 2012"
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This weekend's Radio Derb  [MP3] notes an event which, I think, most us of have attended at other times under different names:

Those of you catching the broadcast before Sunday should note that if you can get over to London for that day, you will be in time to attend Boring 2012, a conference described by its organizers as "a celebration of the prosaic and the mundane." The organizers further promise that the conference will will feature "nothing interesting, worthwhile or important."  

This conference is, in other words, dedicated to things that are boring. Scheduled lectures have topics like: self-service checkouts, pylons, double yellow lines, shop fronts, and toast. I doubt there will be any un-scheduled lectures, or indeed any unscheduled events at all. That would make the thing too interesting.

This is the third year of the Boring conference, and it's attracted a lot of … well, I guess I can't say "interest" … a lot of attention. In fact, the thing is sold out. I was actually planning to go myself, but I have to do laundry, discuss taxes with my accountant, and change the flap valve in my toilet cistern. Next year perhaps I'll go, if nothing more boring turns up.


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