Radio Derb Is On The Air [11+ ITEMS]: Brazil's Miss Bum Bum Title May Go To An American Girl—Lets Get Behind Her
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Radio Derb is on the air—go here to listen, here to download the MP3.


01m57s — Fiat justitia ruat cælum. (Nation of laws or nation of deals?)

12m58s — Futility, resignation, and sounding the alarm. (Enough yin, let's have some yang.)

18m55s — Down with the Four Olds! (Our Cultural Revolution marches on.)

24m37s — A Governor, his state, and its statues. (Will McAuliffe pull off another Charlottesville?)

30m36s — Smartphones, bah. (Orwell got it slightly wrong.)

37m18s — Liberty and cash. (Go together like eggs and hash.)

43m27s — Ivanka no threat. (The First Shiksa gives an interview.)

46m51s — Well dressing fail. (In Derbyshire.)

49m50s — Goodbye, Cassini. (Honor and glory to the seekers of pure knowledge!)

52m17s — Can U.S.A. crack the Miss Bum Bum pageant? (Let's get behind our girl.)

53m41s — Signoff. (A star bows out.)


We're heading into Fall and Radio Derb regulars know what that means. Yes, preparations are under way for November's Miss Bum Bum pageant in Brazil.

As nationalists we of course want to root for the home team. Well, this year there is a serious American contender: 29-year-old Jeni Summers, originally from Florida, currently domiciled in Mexico City where she works as a Playboy bunny.

Ms Summers is in serious training, she tells us, doing two hours of squats every day, and ditching her former vegetarian diet for five meals a day heavy with meat protein.

Playboy bunny ditches strict vegetarian diet in the hope to perfect her derriere in preparation for the Miss BumBum competition (and she's doing two HOURS of squats a day)
  • Jeni Summers, 29, from Florida is one of 27 competing to win Miss BumBum 2017
  • The Playboy model could be the first American winner of the annual competition
  • She has given up her vegetarian diet to get the body she wants for the pageant
  • The competition sees women compete to be crowned the best bum in Brazil
By Molly Rose Pike, DailyMail, September 10 , 2017
Let's all get behind Ms Summers and wish her the best in November. U-S-A! U-S-A! …

Wait a minute, though … Mexico still has Playboy bunnies? Don't they know what millennium this is? Are they still dancing the Twist down there? Playboy bunnies? Sheesh …

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