Racialized Medicine?
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First of all, racialized isn’t even a real word…

But it is fairly simple to understand the inference:

Medicine and pharmacology have decided to ignore the absurd social edict that says “Thou shalt not reveal any scientific evidence that ethnicity goes deeper than skin color—genetically, everybody is identical in structure.”

Heart Drug for Blacks Endorsed by Rob Stein 6-17-05
Racial Tailoring Would Be a First; Idea Stirs Debate [Washington Post]

Apparently black men suffer more frequently from certain heart conditions. Moreover, they don’t respond as well to treatment as do the men of other ethnicities.

Scientists decided to somehow customize a treatment regiment for black men—the new prescription drug will be the first to advertise a race specific product label.

Oh the ethnic crusaders must be foaming at the mouth! You know who I’m talking about…the advocacy groups who preach diversity and equal rights—from the penthouse suite atop the Special Rights tower.

Personally, I have no problem with scientists doing whatever necessary to better fight disease. If race plays a role, so be it.

One question: What would happen if the title of the Post article was “Heart Drug for Caucasians Endorsed”?

If science speaks the truth and Black men are more susceptible to heart failure this headline would see Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson on life support.


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