Racial Solidarity And Women Voters: Johnnie Cochran Trumps Marcia Clark One More Time
November 10, 2016, 01:29 PM
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steve_sailer_blog_posts_-_the_unz_review_-_2016-11-10_18-25-31From Slate:
White Women Sold Out the Sisterhood and the World by Voting for Trump

By L.V. Anderson

According to CNN, 53 percent of white female voters voted for Donald Trump. Fifty-three percent. More than half of white women voted for the man who bragged about committing sexual assault on tape, who said he would appoint Supreme Court justices who would overturn Roe v. Wade, who has promised to undo legislation that has afforded health insurance to millions of uninsured Americans, whose parental leave plan is a joke, who has spent his campaign dehumanizing nonwhite people, who has spent 30-plus years in the public eye reducing women to their sexual attributes. More than half of white women looked at the first viable female candidate for the presidency, a wildly competent and overqualified career public servant, and said, “Trump that bitch.”

What leads a woman to vote for a man who has made it very clear that he believes she is subhuman? Self-loathing. Hypocrisy. And, of course, a racist view of the world that privileges white supremacy over every other issue.

From the New York Times:
White Women Helped Elect Donald Trump


More than half of the white women who voted in the presidential election cast their ballot for Donald J. Trump, according to exit poll data collected by The New York Times.

The data indicate how deeply divided Americans are by race and gender: 94 percent of black women who voted and 68 percent of Hispanic or Latino female voters chose Hillary Clinton, but 53 percent of all white female voters picked Mr. Trump.

The data can be broken down further: 51 percent of white women with college degrees voted for Mrs. Clinton, while 62 percent of women without one voted for Mr. Trump, a reflection of his success with working-class whites.

On Wednesday, women of all races were grappling with the findings.

“Fellow white women, I’m done with you,” Sarah Ruiz-Grossman wrote in The Huffington Post.

In selecting the jury for the O.J. Simpson trial, feminist prosecutor Marcia Clark trusted in gender solidarity, while realist defense attorney Johnnie Cochran believed in the power of racial solidarity. So together they wound up packing the jury with black women.

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