Rachel Jeantel Confirms Trayvon Struck First
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Rachel Jeantel confirmed that Trayvon Martin struck the first blow at George Zimmerman. 

The Daily Caller July 17, 2013 by Jeff Poor 

Jeantel: I Believe Trayvon Hit First 

In an interview with the Huffington Post Live’s Marc Lamont Hill, Rachel Jeantel — a key prosecution witness and friend of Trayvon Martin — said she thought it was Martin who had landed the first blow in the altercation with George Zimmerman after Zimmerman tried to tried to detain Martin.

“In my mind, I believe Trayvon,” Jeantel said. “It was Trayvon because like I say, it was the headset. I know Trayvon. That headset [is] always over by his chest area. And I was on the phone. Why would Trayvon leave me on the phone if he wanted to start something? 

And more importantly, she confirms that random hate-filled violence is a black thing.

That’s a black — well, not a black situation, any teen situation — ‘I’m gonna call you back.’ Trayvon had not said nothing to me.

And, undoubtedly in error, also confirmed that Trayvon made it back to his baby daddy's girlfriend's home, then doubled back to attack Zimmerman.

OK, I’m at the back. I’m almost at my daddy’s fiancée house. Wow.”

This confirms the analysis by The Wagist of the timeline that showed Trayvon had time to return home and double back to launch his vicious racist attack on George Zimmerman.

This also confirms  early observations  by James Fulford and Steve Sailer (before Rush Limbaugh) that Trayvon was motivated by hatred of homosexuals and was undoubtedly egged on by Jeantel.  

It is clear that Jeantel has been suppressing the truth.  Little by little, it is coming out.  Given the properly sympathetic interviewer, we may eventually get confirmation that the two discussed attacking Zimmerman and she is a co-conspirator.


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