Raceless Teen Attacked By Raceless Mob In Upscale King Of Prussia Mall
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A Philly TV station ran a bit on what appears to be a mob of black teens beating up a white teen at the King of Prussia Mall, normally an upscale spot: Brawl at King of Prussia Mall caught on tape, by John Luciew, PennLive.com, April 6, 2017.

At least, that's what it seems — the victim wouldn't show his face, and the cell phone video appears to be blurred to obscure identities.  But the victim's mother is obviously white, and he certainly sounds white.

Meanwhile, the commenters don't seem to have any doubt about the race of the perpetrators.  The circumstantials have me fairly sure they're black.

Did the TV station decide to blur the faces?  If so, why?  The pretty little reporter man obviously knew the races, so why weren't they mentioned?  Especially since they hadn't at first identified the suspect?

And it's tiresome to even ask, but can anyone imagine the story being handled in an identical fashion if a mob of obviously white teens had set upon an obviously black teen?  Duh.

Black people have a tendency to ruin things, but black teenagers are pretty much a guaranteed force for mayhem.  When the Main Stream Media does its best to cover that up, they only add to the problem.

Society is left with a sense that "we" are all sliding toward incivility, but there ain't no "we" about it.

UPDATE: Suspects identified, demographic details still not released.

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