Raceless People Start "Brawl" At Airport Over Canceled Flight
May 09, 2017, 04:00 PM
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Another day, another near riot over nothing. This time, it's a raceless group "brawling" at the airport in Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood, Fla., supposedly because a flight was canceled. [Brawl at Florida airport after nine Spirit Airlines flights cancelled, KTRK, May 9, 2017]

Note that the video shows us at least one "brawler," but the story doesn't tell us what she looks like. (RamZPaul posted the picture above of the arrestees on Twitter.)

Presumably, the video makes that unnecessary these days, given the nature of our viral video world. The media can't hide the truth about crime anymore.

Anyway, the story explains that the "brawlers" were upset that a flight was canceled. At Fox News, we learn that tempers were "bubbling."

But why would anyone start a fight with another passenger because a flight was canceled?

Because with some groups of raceless people, any excuse to start brawling will do