Quote Of The Day:"Do You Promise To Leave After 200 Years?"
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In May of 2001, there were riots in Britain by "Asians" which means, in this context, Muslims whose parents came to Britain from Pakistan or Bangladesh. John Derbyshire did a column explaining this and saying that many of these young men were saying
”Why shouldn’t we be here? The English came to our parents’ countries without being asked, and lorded it over them, and insulted them, and milked their economies, and looted their historical relics, for 200 years. Well, now it’s payback time!” There are a number of things to be said in response to this. (Other than the obvious: ”Do you promise to leave after 200 years?”) [The Island Race ... Riots, By John Derbyshire, May 31st, 2001]

Still a good question.

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