Quayle/Schweikert Amnesty Blocking Bills: Two More Heroes!
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Reviewing Govtrack.com's pages for HR 5953 (Quayle) and HR 5957 (Schweikert) which I discussed in Wonders Of Competition: TWO Bills To Block Obama's Youth Amnesty reveals, sadly, that only two new cosponsors appeared yesterday, both for the Quayle Bill:

Rep. Jason Chaffetz [R-UT3]
Rep. Richard Nugent [R-FL5]

(Scroll down on Govtrack.com page to “Cosponsors” pop up.)

Congressman Quayle has still not cosponsored the Schweikert bill, although Congressman Schweikert has signed his.

The Quayle Bill now has 30 cosponsors and Schweikert’s 20. Only 12 Representatives apart from Schweikert have signed both bills. 25 have signed only one or the other. That makes no sense if the bills are statements about policy, not personalities.

Romney’s catastrophic lapse into Hispandering yesterday was compounded by no clear condemnation of Obama’s Constitutional usurpation.

These Bills should be a rallying point. Just as in the Bush years the House GOP (but not now the leadership) looks like being the only bulwark Patriots have against an Imperial Presidency controlled by the Treason Lobby.

Whoever wins the election.

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