Professors Gone Wild!!
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Sorry! I am not referring to a new DVD from the producers of Girls Gone would be less offensive I assure you!

College Republicans at Washington State University put up a 24-foot chain link fence on campus to demonstrate their support for the 700- mile fence on the U.S./Mexico border that was recently approved by Congress.

And the campus went nuts—well, a few professors went nuts that is.

After calling the students "racist" one professor, John Streamus (send him mail), called the students something vulgar involving the word "white."

He declined an interview by the AP but wrote in an email:

"It is a violently racist symbol, no different from Nazis carrying a swastika through a Jewish neighborhood or the KKK rallying around a Confederate flag in a black neighborhood."

What a dork! Seriously, how pathetic is this guy? How pathetic is this argument?

We have a problem...millions of people are sneaking across our the border from Mexico and settling—illegally—in the United States. As a symbolic gesture of support, students at WSU build a 24-foot version of the fence that will be used to hopefully stop the problem.

According to this nutbag, this symbol is "no different" than the symbols affiliated with organizations that tortured and murdered people?

You have got to be kidding me! These illegal immigration freaks have no shame!

Streamas and the other professor involved in the conflict, David Leonard (email him), are professors in the Department of Comparative Ethnic Studies.

Good grief...what is the course work for that degree?

110 Haitian or Jamaican: A Study of VooDoo Nations 220 White Men as an Endangered Species 330 The Koreas: Can't We All Just Get Along?

Let us suppose one has this lovely degree...what the HELL do they do with it?

Richard King is the Department him and ask him...and maybe ask him about his ridiculous staff!!

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