ProEnglish On The Amnesty And The Non-Requirement For Amnestied Illegals To Learn English
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If you were inclined to trust the Gang of Eight's assurances that amnestied immigrants would be in any way required to learn English, ProEnglish says "Don't".

Is the Gang of Eight Misleading You About English?

Current immigration package lacks official English provision or any English requirement!

The notorious “Gang of Eight” in the U.S. Senate has finally unveiled its 844-page immigration package, entitled the Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act of 2013 (S. 744).

Although S. 744 mentions the word “English” 17 times and ample lip service has been given by the Gang to the supposed English language requirement for those applying to have their status adjusted from “illegal” to “legal,” the actual terms of the bill do not provide for any demonstration of English language ability at all!

The supposed “language requirement” for immigrants who intend to obtain a green card (after a waiting period of 10 years) falls painfully short of explaining just how applicants will be required to demonstrate their English reading, writing, and speaking abilities.

Not only is the alleged “language requirement” non-existent, but S. 744 does not even contain a provision establishing English as the official language of the federal government! The endorsing Senators, specifically those who represent states with longstanding official English laws [Senators Rubio (FL), McCain (AZ), Flake (AZ), and Graham (SC)] are well aware of the high level of public support for Congress to pass an official English law.

In fact, Rasmussen Reports just released a new poll that shows that 61% of likely voters want an official English provision to be included in the comprehensive immigration reform package.

Overall, the bill contains the following fatal flaws with regard to English assimilation requirements:

  • Illegal aliens are not required to prove any English ability before legal status is granted (Sec. 245B)
  • Green card (permanent legal status after a 10 year waiting period) applicants have an English language requirement full of loopholes, including (Sec. 245C):

    —>Having to show they are enrolled in an English and civics class. However, the bill doesn’t even require that they pass and complete that class, let alone make any indication of what classes will be deemed acceptable. The LaRaza school of American history, anyone?

    —>Anyone under the age of 16 and over 70 are exempt from the English requirement.

  • The bill does not provide for the establishment of English as the official language of the U.S.
  • Tens of millions of dollars in grant money will be awarded to ill-defined non-profit organizations who “have a history of working with large populations of immigrants.” Will this money go to groups, like La Raza, MALDEF, and the ACLU, who routinely work to undermine American assimilation? (Sec. 2538)[More]


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