Pro-Immigration Rallies Fizzling
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Peter Prengaman writes at the Associated Press:
LOS ANGELES – Immigration rallies held across the country Tuesday produced only a fraction of the million-plus protesters who turned out last year, as fear about raids and frustration that the marches haven't pushed Congress to pass reform kept many at home.

In Los Angeles, where several hundred thousand turned out last year, about 25,000 attended the first of two scheduled rallies, said police Capt. Andrew Smith, an incident commander. In Chicago, where more than 400,000 swarmed the streets a year earlier, police officials put initial estimates at about 150,000.

I tend to think this means the money behind these rallies is starting to realize they've stirred up a hornets nest. Now, the right tactic here is to press on. The ill-gotten gains of the wealthy who have profited from illegal immigration should be expropriated-so they can't do anything like this again in the future.

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