Pro-Employer Heritage Foundation Report Shoots GOP in Foot
April 10, 2009, 05:44 PM
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Carrie`s Nation has a rather decent blog on a recent employers` infomercial coming out of the Heritage Foundation.
"One need only look at the authoritative sources at the end of the article (Melinda Gates` newspaper The Washington Post, Stuart Anderson aka National Foundation for American Policy, and another Heritage Foundation study) to see how much work was put into this "web memo".[(yawn) Another "Study" Concludes We Need Higher H-1B Visa Limits , April 9, 2009]
The "study" is called "Help the Economy and Federal Deficit by Raising H-1B Caps." Some Republicans like Grassley are trying address the H-1b issue-and face uphill re-election battles. Heritage seems intent on helping Grassley lose that fight.