Prisoner Suicide and Immigration
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Don Thompsan writes at Associated Press
Every 30 minutes, day and night, guards walk the tiers of the isolation unit at California State Prison, Sacramento, checking inmates to make sure they don't kill themselves.

The guards have been doing so since October, when the prison system instituted a series of reforms to cut the high rate of inmate suicides. The steps were prompted by a federal judge's finding that a disproportionate number of suicides occurred in the isolation cells used to segregate inmates for disciplinary or other reasons.

The measures, which include screening inmates for potential suicidal tendencies and training guards how to intervene, appear to be making a difference.

California is among the national leaders in both exodus of US citizens-and prisoner abuse(which is strongly linked to prisoner suicide). Could this have anything to do with the high levels of immigration in that state?

Bill Gates has lots of money to get his point of view to the public. Who speaks for these troubled Americans? I'm not saying prisoners should be coddled, but even authoritarian governments like Singapore don't appear to have this problem.

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