Presidential Possibilities: Needs Improvement
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H/T Conservative Heritage Times for the dismal news on the stance on Immigration of a number of possible presidential nominees:

Obama: F
Gingrich: D-
Palin: D-
Romney: D-
Huckabee: D-
Paul: C-
Thune: C-
Pawlenty: C

This is derived from a detailed study by Numbers USA, which points out the work is based on a survey of statements (or non-statements) rather than from actual votes like that outfit’s invaluable Congressional Survey. applauds NumbersUSA’s stern comment:

Why are we such tough graders? The ratings and grades reflect an urgency about the 22 million Americans who want a job but can't find one (the government's "U-6" unemployment category) and about the federal government continuing to force massive population growth while the nation is unable to meet its infrastructure and environmental goals with the current population size.

Some will be surprised at Sarah Palin’s poor grade. This is mainly due to her silence.

Why, when immigration has clearly emerged as an incendiary issue amongst the Republican base, are Patriots faced with no obvious champion - let alone a choice?

One obvious reason is the power and prejudice of the MSM. Name recognition amongst the sheeple is indispensible as the disgusting nomination of John McCain proved — sadly, it seems the blogosphere is outweighed. At present still, the MSM chooses who gets to first base.

Probably equally important is money. There seem to be any number of capital pools eager to finance treason. Only Switzerland seems to have patriotic billionaires.

Why this is the case in 21st Century America is an interesting question.

Time to break out the pitchforks!

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