Presidente Calderon: Mexicans Are Becoming Anti-American!
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When Mexico’s Presidente Calderon visits Washington, he not only hopes for a handout, his to-do list also includes complaining at length about America’s immigration laws. He thinks that the USA should stop border enforcement and admit Mexican workers to do any American job they can weasel, hypocritically overlooking that Mexico has very tough immigration enforcement within its own highly defended borders.

Calderon’s latest ploy to convince weak Washington minds to enact comprehensive amnesty is to say that Mexicans are developing anti-American feelings – oh, my! Americans have reacted in an unwelcoming manner to millions of Mexican job thieves? How surprising is that?

Many Americans would be thrilled if Mexicans disliked this country enough to stop entering it illegally.

Mexico’s Psresident: ”Anti-American Feeling in Mexico Is Growing’ Because of Public’s ”Perception’ About Illegal Immigrant, CNS News, March 3, 2011

Mexican President Felipe Calderon, during his visit to Washington, D.C., this week, indicated that ”anti-American” sentiment is growing in Mexico because of how the people there view Americans’ perception of illegal immigration.

Prior to going forward with immigration reform in the United States, ”We need to change the general perception inside the public opinion in America and the public opinion in Mexico,” said Calderon.

”My most serious concern is that bad feelings are growing on both sides of the border,” he added. ”The anti-American feeling in Mexico is growing again.”

Naturally President Obama was happy to oblige his partner Calderon by stating his support for rewarding Mexican lawbreakers with amnesty.

In fact, Mexicans haven’t liked America in a long time, if ever, since the US-Mexican War of 1846-48 took a large chunk of territory. Anyway, we shouldn’t mistake incessant dollar scrounging as friendship.

My 2006 blog Our Friendly Neighbors Spill the Frijoles noted a Zogby poll which found that 73 percent of Mexicans regard Americans as racist and only 16 percent of Mexicans see Americans as law-abiding.

Last year, the BBC researched worldwide public opinion about whether the influence of the United States was positive or negative. Only 13 percent of Mexicans regard America’s affect on the world to be ”mainly positive.” (Not very friendly, these neighbors.)

See the original BBC poll, dated April 2010: Global Views of United States Improve While Other Countries Decline.

Below is the relevant chart:

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